Power of Walking and Running

Hello, my followers!! I hope you are doing well. If not, may I take this chance to share two books that I believe will energize you after reading this review.

It seems like overstate on this point, but I believe that it will work with you inside somehow. Likewise, it makes me want to grab my running shoes right away when thinking about them. Their titles are “Walking: One step at a time” by Erling Kagge and Homo Finisher by Koob. It would not be exaggerating if I say that these are suitable for everyone even though you are not into running or working out.

These books are mainly talking about fast and slow-paced body motion, but both benefit our mind and body overall.

Let get starting with Walking: One step at a time(Erling Kagge)

Before going any further, let me start with the reason why I picked up the book first. Since the beginning of 2020, I wanted inspiration to get back to exercise and running after abandoning it for a while due to the lockdown.

The writer also explains how walking benefits humankind, for instance, how individuals take a walk to escape problems, explore the world, and more. It is a great reminder to draw readers back to really thinking about walking.

To conclude, it is a thoughtful book for one who has experienced so much. The author makes readers want to experience walking anew with the stories and situations in this book. As my favorite quote in this book said “Past and future have no role as your walk”. Personally, it is so true that walking no longer belongs to the past and the future but to the present where the steps are.

Homo Finisher (Koob)

A strong motivation for selecting this book started with my big intention to run a marathon once in life but I have to kill the first half marathon. Beyond this reason, I would like to label myself as a homo finisher.



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